David Childs’ West Side Story

He’s the only architect listed on the Observer‘s Dec. 2000 list of Players in New York’s real estate game. Engineering a backroom takeover of the WTC rebuilding project may just be one step in David Childs’ larger plan: to 0wn the West Side of Manhattan. The site is in line–the Eighth Ave. subway, to be specific–with other major Childs’ projects in NYC:

The New Penn Station, image: pixelbypixel.com

33rd St: The New Penn Station, which has been widely praised. (image: pixelbypixel.com)

Frank Gehry/David Childs NYT HQ, image: guggenheim.org

41st St: NYTimes Headquarters, a collaboration with Frank Gehry, who pulled out after creative disputes. (Daniel, are you reading this?) (image: guggenheim.org)

42nd St: 7 Times Square, good for spying on Conde Nast.

50th St: Worldwide Plaza (I bet the model looked great)

AOLTW Center, image: wirednewyork/landolove.com
59th/Columbus Circle: AOLTW Center. ugh.

116th St: East Campus Towers at Columbia, which would’ve gone where the Law School now is.