Learn it, know it, live it.

Gigli is getting some The Postman– and Battlefield Earth-scale bad reviews. In the Times, for example, A.O. Scott compares it to a Project Greenlight production.
It’s directed by Martin Brest, whose last film was the glacial Meet Joe Black, (which I affectionately call Architectural Digest: The Movie). It was 20 years ago, but Brest did make Beverly Hills Cop, so go figure.
And, oddly, he’s in the morgue scene in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which is on my DVD at this very moment. Of course, practically everyone was in that movie, as it turns out. Seriously. check out the cast.
Some thoughts after watching Fast Times for the first time in over a decade:
1. We haven’t–and I’m not saying this in a Judge Reinhold kind of way–we haven’t seen nearly enough of Phoebe Cates lately.
2. Fast Times, Dead Man Walking and The Thin Red Line. We’re No Angels, Shanghai Surprise and (the mawkish Ernest Borgnine chapter of) 11’09”01. Is Sean Penn really just a man?
3. At business school, I ordered pizza during a 4-hour marketing final one evening, a move which yielded me lasting, but dubious, acclaim.