Where the hell am I

Apologies for not posting as much lately. I’ve been on the road a lot, without net access, in the day, and working on an editing deadline for an upcoming, non-greg.org gig. Stay tuned.
In the mean time, I still have to post about the meeting two weeks ago with Avery, who’s composing a great new electronic score for Souvenir November 2001.
For suddenly film-related reading, add Gawker to the list: Elizabeth‘s in LA, doing a driveby of the Mormon temple (as if Spielberg’d live below Sunset. hah.) and not pitching film ideas.
In the mean time, the animation on MTV’s Spiderman is pretty sweet. For all the attempts to coax more realism out of CG, it’s amazing how long it took for people to master the aesthetic benefits of simplicity.