Movie Passions Betrayed

[via GreenCine] Wim Wenders’ official 4h45m version of Until the End of the World will be released on DVD next spring. David’s excellent, slightly ecstatic discussion of the release annoucement betrays a diehard fan’s passion about this almost-mythical cut of the film. (For the rest of the world: Wenders’ epic-to-be was subjected to drastic and problematic guts/cuts that rendered it a disappointing and confusing, both in terms of story and box office. Wenders and his editor spent a year of their own time, after the film was released, “finishing” his version, which has been seen only rarely. Until next spring, anyway.)
[via my site logs]’s first TypePad referrer links come from Persistence of Vision, a smart new weblog about independent film, evidently created by a fellow New Yorker who doesn’t explain much about him/herself onsite, but betrays an obvious passion and familiarity with the film world. Welcome (and thanks for the link).