New Yorker on the WTC memorial and rebuilding

I’m a Paul Goldberger fan, and mad praise for his dogged reporting, following Daniel Libeskind around the country, but I’m not getting anything new from the profile in this week’s New Yorker. When I schmoozed him last spring, Goldberger talked with great relish about digging in and laying out the powerful forces shaping the WTC rebuilding process. But this article comes too late to illuminate Libeskind’s POV on the Silverstein-Childs hubbub, and too early to capture his reaction to the alterations and “fixes” that the Memorial finalists will inevitably introduce.
Contrast that with Louis Menand’s excellent profile on Maya Lin from last July, which the New Yorker just put online. Menand interprets some of Lin’s sensibilities a bit broadly, but re-reading this article shows him to be very prescient about (and possibly influential on) her quietly authoritative role in the WTC memorial process.
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