Links which don’t entail writing long essays

Alana’s wonderful Venn Diagram, “Compleat Diagram of Strange Persons 2003” inspires me to refine the similar universe I have post-it noted on foamcore under the bed. Stay tuned. [via TMN]
As befits a Washington hipster, Listen Missy posts in near-realtime about K Street and her friends&fans post back. We all post because we care, Steven. Because we care.
Coming yesterday: A limited-edition Lost in Translation soundtrack CD, complete with on-the-set pictures by Sofia Coppola. [via Fimoculous]
TMF, TML runs a piece on covering the death of George Plimpton that his a little close to home. “Jacob Weisberg, Editor, Slate: Well, it’s a no-brainer. Really, what do you do? Call a couple of people up and then transcribe their responses verbatim? And, you know, failing that, cut-and-paste quotes from existing interviews. Probably one of the easiest forms of journalism there is.” [Jacob, have I got a story for you. via Gawker]