Discussing the WTC Memorial

The first rule of the World Trade Center Memorial Competition is don’t discuss the World Trade Center Memorial Competition. OK, technically, it’s the second rule, and it actually applies to publicly identifying your own design proposal, but whatever.
Many entrants and many more followers of the Competition are discussing it, though, on multiple venues online. Most voices are earnest; some are a bit weary or cynical. Some are pained, or painfully critical; some are self-aggrandizing to a disturbing degree. For my part, I try to stay engaged but circumspect (except for an occasional lash out at the hearts-and-minds-numbing involvement of a shill like Peter Max).
Here are some sources for unfiltered WTC Site Memorial Competition reading:

  • Wired New York has very serious forums, including “Memorial Guidelines,” but most WTC-related posting happens in “Ground Zero Developments.”
  • DesignCommunity.com’s “How did your WTC Memorial Turn Out?” is less intimidating to post in, which is both good and bad.
  • Posts on The NYTimes Forum, “Redeveloping the World Trade Center Site,” may hint at what the paper’s Letters editors have to deal with on a regular basis.
    A recurring theme across all the boards: exuberant comments by one William Stratas, a web developer/Competition entrant from Toronto. For undiluted, effusive Stratas, check out his site, Planetcast.