Operation “Porsche 911”

While poking around The Memory Hole, I found a Reuters report of a 10.27 Spiegel cover story [English link] which gives many new details of the planning and execution of the September 11th attacks.
Spiegel bases their report on US interrogation transcripts of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Ramzi Binalshibh. Germany is currently prosecuting several accessories to the plot, which was hatched in Hamburg. In various ways, the US is refusing to cooperate with the trial; the transcripts obtained by the Spiegel reporters had previously been denied to the court.
Two details: The US Capitol–not the White House–was the other intended target in Washington that day, and the terrorists use the code name, “Porsche 911” when discussing the plot on the phone.
Annoyingly, according to Google News, except for Wired News, which publishes the Reuters filing, no other US news outlet has mentioned this story.