Don’t Shoot!

Jon Routson, from Bootlegs, his April 2003 show at Team Gallery, image:
From Bootlegs by Jon Routson, image:

If camcorders are illegal, only criminals will have camcorders.
Yesterday, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D for Disney) and John Cornyn (R-Tex, an anagram for T-Rex) held a press screening for their newest starrer, which they said is set for an early 2004 release. It’s a pirate fiction fantasy directed by MPAA prexy Jack Valenti. Here’s the one-line synopsis:
They are sponsoring legislation that will make it a felony “to use or attempt to use” a video recording device to copy a film in a movie theater.
The first offense would carry up to a five-year jail sentence, with up to ten years imprisonment for the sequel. If your state has a three strikes law–like California–recording a trilogy could get you life.
As if you needed another reason to avoid Matrix Revolutions
Baltimore-based artist Jon Routson, who uses camcordered copies of movies as his artistic medium
my Times article about video art bootlegging