A Variety of Weblogs, or Nick Denton rubs up against Hugh Hefner

It looks like Nick’s not the only one building a portfolio of weblogs.
Variety has launched bowed three entertainment-related weblogs so far, and is looking to launch more. [I swear, writing my videocam felony post in feeble Variety style was not intended as an audition. Golly, Mr. Bart, just give me another chance; I know I can sing.]
The roster so far [Fimoculous featured the first one]:

  • Outside the Box by Jim Hames is the Gizmodo of movie swag, rating the promotional flotsam that washes up on Variety’s shores.
  • Bags and Boards, written by Tom McLean and Jevon Phillips, follows the comic book business.
  • Wicked Little Town by Rob Kendt, in an ice-to-eskimos move, posts news of acting in Los Angeles.
    Where Nick’s weblogs aim for the g-spots of online subject matter, Variety’s weblogs are like some new playmates in the mansion. Either way, it makes for a great party. Meanwhile, my own little knot of weblogs are more a way to clean up my desk. Maybe I should steal some of the ideas Choire came up with as he was emptying his master’s litter box.