Is that a Smart Mob in your Sforzian Background, or are you just pissed to see me?

It’s a question Bush might ask, were he the inquisitive type.
According to the BBC Online (which often reads to me like USA UK Today) British protestors (redundant, I know) are putting down their papier mache puppets and picking up their moblogging tools, using SMS to chase Bush along his itinerary and disrupt the carefully crafted backgrounds of Bush’s stage-managed photos.
“”We have been described as a second generation smart mob,” says co-organiser [sic] Richard Wilder. But he doesn’t let that get him down. “We are trying to spoil the PR, so we are not doing anything directly, but encouraging people to turn their backs in press photos so they can’t be used.”
Wilder sweetly believes that the extras in the White House’s Sforzian Backgrounds were not handpicked and hand-placed. What island has he been living on for the last three years? The URL for these protestors, who have bush-league written all over them: [thanks, BoingBoing]
[Update: At the gym this afternoon, I caught a few minutes of FoxNews, and they were eviscerating some crumpet-nibbling, protesting Brit (not Hume). My prediction: UK protests may be entertaining, but hopelessly outmatched into irrelevance. Yet again, the rest of the world relies on the resolve of the American people to save its ass from the imperialist hegemonic threat.]