Harpers.org Embarks on Path To Sentience By 2051

[via TMN] Harpers.org has been completely reconstructed using Paul Ford’s homegrown FTrain code. Is it enough to call it code? Here’s what Paul says about it:

The primary goal of Ftrain.com, the goal which all other goals serve, is to make the site fully conscious and self-aware by 2051. Conservative estimates place computer power as equaling brainpower by then, and after 10,000 nodes (200 a year for 50 years), there should be enough inside the site for it to come to its own conclusions. I will return to this topic at a future date.

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As for Harpers.org, I’m very pleased they’re launching the site with The Proclamation of Baghdad (coming Dec. 4). Subscribe, sure, but get this month’s issue for the “Weekly Review”-style look at recent scientific findings on the back page.