Springtime for Cuban

Indiewire has a slightly puffy, but factoid-filled article on 2929 Entertainment, Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner’s growing independent film empire, which the Broadcast.com billionaires are positioning for the impending all-digital future. In the semi-digital present, it’s still fairly compelling: Landmark Theaters; Rysher, Magnolia Pictures, and a stake in mega-indie Lion’s Gate; and HDNet, a digital production company and cable channel (look for it around ch.500). “We want to be known as THE place that directors and producers want to come to have their movies produced and distributed in the specialty/independent marketplace,” Wagner told indieWIRE.
From the message board comments, some independents are, inexplicably, touting open, competitive independence over Cuban’s vertically integrated independence-for-him. No fear, though: Steven Soderbergh/George Clooney’s Hard Eight produced a film with 2929. And everyone connected to Hogan’s Heroes is on board; the company holds syndication rights to the Nazi sitcom and is wrapping Godsend, the latest film from Greg “Bob Crane” Kinnear.