It’s an honor to be nominated, or NYMag debuts “Survivor: The Blogroll Edition”

Ahh, remember back in 2003, when turning up on someone’s blogroll elicited nothing but warm fuzzies? Leave it to the new I-bankin’ regime at New York Magazine to turn blogrolling into a competitive sport. Spiers is cackling with evil delight from the head of her table.
I’m afraid if there’s a weblog equivalent of Sweeps Week programming, I ain’t got it. At best, I’m IFC to Gawker‘s Fox; Sundance to Gothamist‘s NBC; Jon Favreau to Jarvis‘s Aaron Brown; James Lipton to Aaron‘s that guy from Full Frontal Fashion. I’d better start drafting my congratulations speech now.
Update: At Lowculture, Matt shows that even if I’m concept here, he’s execution. Check out their “if weblogs were cable channels.” There, now the loop is complete.