Rethinking the Food Pyramid

a DC installation of Felix Gonzalez-Torres' untitled (do it), made with 180 lbs of locally produced candy, image:
close-up of FG-T untitled (do it) in DC, 180 lbs of Goetze's Caramel Cremes, which are produced in Baltimore, image:

We just switched DC apartments (Cleveland Park, because you can walk, but if you think that’s a subway…don’t get me started), but I figured anyone who’s moved before doesn’t need to read the tedia (2 or more tediums?) that entails. In addition to the headaches, like not having furniture, needing to repaint, being waitlisted for indoor parking, there’s the inevitable stomach ache that comes from having a 180-lb pile of locally produced candy in the corner, well within armslength. [For DC, I took that to mean Goetze’s Caramel Creams, which is technically from Baltimore.]
I’ve eaten so much today, it looks like a 130-lb pile. And to top it off, now I have to paint around it. Priorities, people. Priorities.