K Street: Who’s Acting Now?

Cheneyac Mary Matalin under oath in the Plame investigation, image: washingtonpost.com

For the ever-popular Law & Order, the producers mine today’s headlines for new story ideas. HBO’s K Street is just the opposite. Not in the “what, it blew and nobody watched it?” way you’re thinking, in the “life imitates art” way.
In one K Street plotline, the actress and former Cheneyac Mary Matalin worried about being investigated by the Feds for leaking a CIA operative’s identity. At the time, the subject was innocuous or implausible enough to pass the “no substance” filter that actual DC operatives ran their cameo appearances through. But last month, the Washington Post reports, Matalin and several other White House appointees were hauled before a grand jury to testify about who in the administration leaked a CIA operative’s identity. She even wore the same “passes for fashion in Washington” jacket for both gigs. (Hey Mary, I know the IRS now works for you now, but I hope you got a receipt for that thing. Not that HBO wants it back…)
How to tell the truth from the fiction, then? Easy. On K Street, Matalin’s lament rambled on (and on and on) over several episodes. In The Real World, her only line was, “I can’t comment.”