On “Trolling for Trash”

Scott McClellan may have been more right than he knew yesterday. From the Washington Post:

The White House has been unable to produce peers from Bush’s service in Alabama. But Bill Burkett, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Texas National Guard, said in an interview with The Washington Post this week that he overheard a speakerphone call about Bush’s National Guard file in 1997, when Bush was Texas governor. Burkett said he was in a National Guard office when he overheard Joseph M. Allbaugh, then Bush’s chief of staff, tell an officer in reference to Bush’s military file that he “needed to make sure there was nothing to embarrass the governor.”
Burkett said he later witnessed some items from Bush’s file in the trash. [Emphasis mine, for now]

Calpundit has a lengthy transcript of an interview with Burkett, and corroborating comments from Burkett contemporaries in the Guard.
The domain name, trollingfortrash.com, was registered yesterday. I always thought “trawling for trash” was more correct, but I’m happy to wait a few months for Bill Safire’s column.