Our (Film) Town, or Pale-Cheeked Pinkos

Don’t know how I missed this. The Guardian/Observer‘s Damon Wise goes on a revealing to Filmbyen, or Film Town, a Danish hive of suburban movie production, founded by Lars Von Trier and his producing partner, Peter “The Eel” Jensen. (That nickname’ll be TMI in a minute, by the way.) Dogme95 co-conspirator Thomas Vinterberg has also set up shop in “town.”
At the agressively but unsurprisingly unconventional Filmbyen, VT and The Eel insist on various musical and flag-raising rituals and on keeping alive whatever of their communist ideals they can. We’re talking actual, card-carrying communists here, not Fox News slash-and-burn invective-style communists.
And on public nudity. Wise has a hard time maintaining eye contact: “Like ourselves and the rest of the pool’s other patrons Vinterberg is wearing a swimming costume, but Jensen and Von Trier just whip off their clothes and dive in. Jensen’s genitalia are on full display and we escape with just a glimpse of Von Trier’s pallid bottom.” What follows is a discussion Von Trier’s long, hard, sweaty…process of writing, working with actors, and making his latest film, Dogville.
[Dogville opened this weekend in London (and which comes to the US in early April). See Philip French’s dazed Observer review, or the official Dogville UK site.]
While I have nothing to add about communist genitalia, I have seen Dogville and will write about it soon.