On “Ephemeral Elegance” at the WTC Site

Fred Conrad's photo of SHoP's Rector St footbridge, image:nytimes.com

Read David Dunlap’s evocative account of the “temporary” architecture–the PATH station, footbridges and viewing wall–that surrounds and inhabits the World Trade Center site. These structures, “erected in a hurry,” are utilitarian first, Dunlap notes, but they still sometimes “approach the sublime.”
While I stayed consciously uncommitted on the exact form they would take, Dunlap’s experience sounds like a reasonable approximation of what I imagined the paths of my own memorial proposal would be like. Fred Conrad’s picture of SHoP‘s Rector Street pedestrian passage is similar to some concept photos I used on my submission, which makes sense; SHoP’s passage was among my inspirations.