Talk-abouts: John Baldessari and Jeremy Blake in Artforum

still, Winchester, 2003, Jeremy Blake,

Editor Tim Griffin introduces In Conversation, a new feature in this month’s Artforum, artists talking to artists. To start: Jeremy Blake and John Baldessari, two artists with deep interest in the intersections between painting and ______(cinema, photography, technology, text, conceptual art). Both artists also have deep, abiding interest in film as well, which explains why this turned up on
One great thread: Baldessari’s contested label as a Conceptual Artist.

JOHN BALDESSARI: Well, in the late ’60s, I was introduced to some painter at Max’s Kansas City and he said, “Oh you’re one of those �write-abouts’?” I said, “What do you mean �write-abouts’?” ‘You know, critics write about your work.’ To him, that’s what made a Conceptual artist.

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