Buy it and make something good with it

Vincent Gallo's Package, via[via Gawker] It’ll cost you, but this may be the closest you’ll get to a hummer from Chloe Sevigny. Director/actor/antagonist Vincent Gallo is selling his meticulously assembled and tuned film production package on ebay.
According to the sale, Gallo designed and assembled and fine-tuned the package after Buffalo 66 and has shot 60,000 feet of film with it for Brown Bunny. According to Gallo,

The package would have to include everything needed to make the film: 2 cameras, a high quality and comprehensive lens collection, mobile yet sufficient lighting, sound equipment that could integrate with the cameras so as to avoid slating, a mic assortment that would never need backup, and a ton of extras that would meet the needs of his flexible and spontaneous production style, and last but not least, an extremely secure transportation case system.

The package also includes, remarkably, an “Angenieux zoom [lens] which was purchased from the Stanley Kubrick estate. It is the famous super long throw lens that Kubrick had made for Barry Lyndon. No other like it exists.”[12/04 update: actually, according to Ed diGiulio, who made the lens, they developed a prototype for Kubrick, but also built and sold several others as the Cine-Pro T9 24-480mm zoom lens.]
If the film’s credits are accurate, you can use this package to make a movie all by yourself. There are a couple of sound people listed, but otherwise it’s all Gallo, Gallo Gallo Gallo. No sign that he’s going to free his indentured tech servants as part of the deal.
Unlike critical response to Brown Bunny, Gallo’s ebay feedback is universally positive. He trades a lot of high-end audio equipment and pays very quickly. In 2001, Gallo dealt with an ebayer named Ian McKellen. We don’t know if that transaction involved a hummer, but Vincent did thank Ian for going “the extra mile.