Lost in Transcription

A reader is looking for a transcript of Sofia Coppola’s Oscar acceptance speech. Any ideas? Does anyone still have that snoozer of a show on Tivo? Is it even possible to capture the ephemeral essence that is Sofia with mere words?
I remember her thanking Antonioni, and her father, “for telling me never to use video taps,” but I confess, I stopped transcribing her last fall.
Email me at greg at greg dot org with your suggestions. Thanks.

Sofia Coppola's acceptance speech at Oscars.com

[Update: sheesh, that was fast. The transcript, minus the advice about video taps, is at the Oscars website. Since it’s about as long as her script for LIT, I post it here in its entirety:

Thank you. I can’t believe I’m standing here. Thank you. Thank you to the Academy for giving me this honor. Thank you to my dad for everything he taught me. Thank you to my brother Roman and all my friends who were there for me when I was stuck at 12 pages and encouraged me to keep writing. And the filmmakers whose movies — I have to breathe. The filmmakers whose movies inspired me when I was writing this script, Antonioni and Wong Kar-Wai and Bob Fosse and Godard and all the others. And every writer needs a muse. Mine was Bill Murray. Thanks to my mom for always encouraging us to try to make art, and thank you to Bart and Ross for helping make my script into a movie. And thank you to everyone at Focus. Thank you.

And thanks to my dad for telling me never to use video taps. Ahem.