From Winds of Revolution to The Spirit of The Wind

According to GreenCine, who reads the trades for you, Terrence Malick’s Che has been shelved “for a year.” The timing makes me wonder if the recent announcement about Malick and Che wasn’t an attempt by the project people to head off his departure. Of course, Malick years are like dog years, so if it’s Che you want, you may have to be satisfied with the three other Che films about to take to the streets.
If it’s Malick you want, however, he’s now working on a Pocahontas bio starring Colin Farrell (as John Smith, not Pocahontas). No IMDb entry yet for this film, scheduled to start shooting in July, titled The New World. That’s actually from Aladdin, not Pocahontas, yo. [C’mon, I was working for The Mouse at the time. I have to know these things.]
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