The Atomic Revolution: Now the Truth Can Be Told

Last year I was blown away by the beautiful artistry that went into the eerily slick corporate propagandotainment comic book, The Atomic Revolution.
I’m using the cool, Golden Age comic style as a major visual reference point for my As Yet Unannounced Animated Musical, which has more than a little good, old-fashioned apocalyptic flavor to it.
The cool animation artist Ethan Persoff rediscovered it, scanned it in, and hosted the entire book on his site (and now accepts donations to pay for the significant bandwidth the increasingly popular book consumes. Why not drop some change in the jar?)
Now, finally, after getting smoked on a couple of previous auctions, I can announce that I’ve finally received my own copy of the book this week from an Austin ebay-er. It wasn’t expensive, just rare. Henceforth, you all have my permission to search for your own issue. Good luck.