Close Enough, or Introducing v1.6

Horseshoes and hand grenades? Feh. These days, some people think close counts in WMD’s and the war on terror. Alls I know is, after a week of editing in 15-minute stints (interspersed with crying and diaperchanging and bottlefeeding), close counts on stylesheets, too.
Beyond the cleaner integration of long-form Features and filmmaker interviews, MT brings addition of categories, which will make recurring themes and topics a little easier to follow.
Chief among these: production diaries, development notes, and news for each film project
Whether it pays for yachts for my coke-head grandchildren, gets my ass sued by Conde Nast, or prompts simple UI improvements on the magazine’s website, one feature I’m interested in watching is This Week in The Magazine, aka New Yorker Magazine Database. If you’ve ever wanted to write for the NYMDb, your chance is coming soon.
Anyway, let me know what’s wrong, what’s missing, etc. And if you have particular expertise with 1) archive pagination and 2) category-specific template tweaking, don’t be shy. I’ll be here.