Things to do and when to do them

cottam_dekooning_weekend.jpgIn helpful, 2×2 grid format:

  • Go to the Jim Lambie show at Anton Kern, which ends Saturday. Nice pants. (Roberta Smith agrees.)
  • Go to Momenta Art benefit auction at White Columns Saturday night.
  • Go to the deKooning show at Gagosian. (Roberta Smith agrees. Again. Stop following me!) The man was either a painting genius, or he had Alzheimer’s his whole life.
  • Read John Rockwell’s amused, largely successful attempt to conserve and convey an admittedly ephemeral artistic experience–in this case, NYU’s brainy panel discussion, “Not for Sale: Curating, Conserving and Collecting Ephemeral Art”– before the Times locks it up in its archives.
  • Try to see, literally, Benjamin Cottam’s one-man show of beautiful-to-look-at, aggressively hard-to-see portraits and drawings at Gasser Grunert on 19th St. We snapped up four of the fingernail-sized dead artist portraits as soon as we saw them, which, fortunately, was several months ago in the studio. (Roberta, where are you when we need you?)
  • Print out your treatment, and head down to the Tribeca Film Festival.
  • Go to Naoshima in Japan, either with a blogger or with a tourful of “journalling” middle aged artists (how do you tell them apart, you might ask? just look for the elastic-waisted batik pants.)