Someone give that woman a development deal–and a date

Not necessarily in that order.
1989: Woman gives birth to baby girl. Man helps change diapers at first, then abandons woman and 10-month old child. Woman laments the lack of real men like her father, moves in with father.
cut to –
2003: Ffifteen hardworking, single-parent years later, woman seeks fame and fortune in the entertainment industry. Ends up writing a weekly column for little conservative journal. Lives in Silver Lake, a raw-but-rapidly-gentrifying city in East L.A. full of “hippies,” “gays, bohemians, and industry types,” and which has one of the few public schools “where the children speak English at home.” In an overwhelmingly anti-war town, woman is a lonely pro-war supporter.
March 2003: Seeking fame and fortune in the entertainment industry that so many of her unshaven neighbors seem to have attained, woman starts blog. Receives, not a script deal, but positive reviews–from “the Matt Drudge of porn,” local warblogger, other Hollywood hangers-on.
First full-length post tells of her run-in at a gourmet grocery store with smug, self-absorbed, peace march-organizing creative type and his 4-year old son. Coins the term “Silver Lake Dads,” which is picked up by exactly one person–the warblogger–to praise the woman’s blog for “baiting hippie Silver Lake Dads”and to announce the availability of $5 wine on his failed Gawker clone.
June 2004: One week after organizing an Entertainment Industry And Political Bloggers In LA panel (still no development deal), woman is decried by writers, bloggers, hippies, creative types for her hatred and exclusion of same on panel. And, she says, for not linking to their hippie blogs.
In need of Father’s Day story, woman recycles 15-month old blog post about self-absorbed hippie in the supermarket. Attempts to reinvigorate failed coinage, Silver Lake Dads, All dads who do not abandon their children and who are not her dad are like peacenik Hollywood writers. Professes admiration for the fictional creation of same, a dad character on TV. Still no script deal. Still single.