Yeah, good thing you got a transcript

I heard Newsweek’s Michael Isikoff barking on WBUR last night about how the shifty Michael Moore has not released a transcript of Farenheit 9/11, the easier to dispute the points he makes in the film.
[Is irony really, truly dead after all, that so many of the tortillas being flung at F9/11 from the right-field bleachers are because Moore “makes inaccurate insinuations from unrelated facts and dishonestly leads people to jump to conclusions that are otherwise unsupported?” Matthew Continetti, the Weekly Standard water carrier on On Point kept making that argument, and I’m like, what veep-in’ Vice President have you been listening to the last three years?
As I see it, the only possible vindication worse than Michael Moore’s is Graydon Carter’s, my glass-house-livin’ slavishly administration-supportin’ friends.]
Anyway, waxy and point out that Drew at Script-o-rama has found and documented self-serving inaccuracies and bias in the transcript used by many Moore critics, including Isikoff. I certainly feel better when I say it: go factcheck yourself.