How Russell Simmons and Xeni Jardin would protest the Republican Convention

Three may be a trend, but four makes it a regular feature. I’m going to start collecting protest tips, fashion, and celebrity profiles in the runup to the RNC. Come September, could become a veritable InStyle magazine of Republican Convention protesting, the must-read bible for the protesting lifestyle.
Today’s installment is a 2-for-1.
How Russell Simmons would protest: Let photographer Glen E. Friedman post Linkin Park and Bronski Beat lyrics in the windows of a loft he owns overlooking the WTC site.
how boingboing’er and NPR-jockey Xeni Jardin would protest the Republican Convention: by promoting another event as an alternative, like, say, a phonecam photo exhibit she curated.
Other How’d They Protests:
Louis Malle