“[Altman] then asked a reporter if he wanted to be an extra in the scene with Redford. The reporter thought for a moment about La Dolce Vita, in which an entertainment journalist ends up orchestrating a drunken orgy in the Italian countryside. ‘O.K.,’ he replied.”
— Michael Agger reporting from several sets at once for The New Yorker
Classically awful Showgirls now available in self-mocking DVD version, complete with drinking game and joke commentary. For which you pony up an extra $15?? Not funny. [AP via NYT]
Included on the Wonderland DVD (Val Kilmer as John Holmes? Gets caught up in a murder? Doesn’t sound familiar? Probably because no one saw it.) is the actual LAPD crime scene footage of the actual murders. There’s a feisty discussion about it on IMDb’s message board. [Viewing hint: Rent, don’t buy.] [via Scrubbles]