A Hen in the Foxhouse

Arist Monica Bonvicini will participate in a panel discussion at Art Forum Berlin, the giant art fair, next week. Her co-panelists: gallerist Joe Amrhein, and collectors Harald Falckenberg and Mera & Don Rubell. The moderator is Marc Spiegler, an srt writer who made this sort of trouble at Basel, too.
The Topic: “Bigger! Faster! Out of control! Does today’s Art Market devour Artists?”
From the description: “Since the early 1990s, the art market has been rocked by change. There are many more collectors today, buying more aggressively. The role of the gallery is being radically transformed (and even threatened) by the surging number of fairs, biennials and contemporary auctions. Artists are treated like popstars and their audience often suffers from Neophilia, a constant craving for the new…Is this a permanent transformation or just a ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ phenomenon, dooming us for a crash and destined to yield only ephemeral art?”
Be sure to bring a pen (to jot down the names of hot new artists) and your checkook. Art Forum Berlin, 9/21 @ 1730 (that’s 5:30 to you, pal)