MPAA Fights to Preserve Quality of Puppet Sex

Call it Team ANTI-America, just the kind of devious attack you’d expect in an election year: The ever-patriotic MPAA is bravely taking a stand, seeking to protect the high-quality of simulated puppet sex [SPS] America’s children know and love from cheap Hollywood imitations.
For the last year or so, the Broadway musical, Avenue Q, has been offering Tony Award-winning SPS to Americas children for $95 a ticket. But now, a devious team of low-rent Hollywood types is seeking to flood the SPS market with a poorly articulated product available everywhere–not just on Broadway–for only $9.50, a shocking 90% discount.
The culprit: Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s ironically named Team America World Police, which is due in theaters next week. MPAA censors have been selflessly “studying” Team America‘s simulated puppet oral sex scene–nine times so far–to certify it’s good enough for kids. So far, the movie’s SPS has only received an NC-17.
Note: the MPAA only certifies the quality of SPS; all other puppet simulations are currently unregulated and available on basic cable.
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