Gothamist’s The Life Aquatic Contest For Special Needs Moviegoers

lifeaquatic_poster.jpgFirst they ran a contest for Miramax’s Hero which had such obscure questions about Jet Li minutiae that not even his agent–or even Li-fanatic-from-birth Jen Chung–could answer, even with a lifetime subscription to IMDb Pro.
Now Gothamist gets all Disney publicity sock puppet on us again, this time with a contest for Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic, distributed by Touchstone.
The prize? Tickets to a 12/7 preview screening of the movie. The contest? Just fill out your name and email already. I guess Wes’s fans aren’t the kind who pay attention to nitpicky cinematic details. Oh, and this time, Gothamist employees aren’t eligible to enter. Jen, I guess you’ll have to go to a private screening.
Gothamist The Life Aquatic Contest []
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