Maxi Geil tonight at Joe’s Pub

maxigeil.gifUnlike that otherart rock band, Fischerspooner, Maxi Geil & PlayColt are actually still around. Also unlike FS, you might actually like hearing them play. [Other ways they differ from that flash in the 2002 pan: they’re smart, but not in a stupid way; knowing, but not in an annoying way; they actually perform, and not in a lipsynchy way; and they’re not tired; oh, and they don’t blowwww.]
Anyway, they’ve got a date coming up at their old haunt, Joe’s Pub, November 29th, so mark your calendars. WTH? That’s TONIGHT. [thanks for the heads up, Beck.] Screw your calendars, just go stand in line.
Maxi Geil & PlayColt site
[Oh, this is under “making movies” because, although she probably denies it now, MG&PC singer Rebecca Chamberlain was in my first film.]