2004-12-20 and 27, These Weeks In The New Yorker

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Issue of 2004-12-20 and 27
Posted 2004-12-13
COMMENT/ INVASION VS. PERSUASION/ George Packer on the making of democracy in Iraq and Ukraine.
THE DIPLOMATS/ JUST WHISTLE/ Ben McGrath on a scandalous peacekeeping memoir.
LAB NOTEBOOK/ MEET THE BEATLES, AGAIN/ Nancy Franklin tests the physiological effects of acute Beatlemania.
THE BENCH/ HIGH TEA/ Jeffrey Toobin on the legal plight of a religious beverage.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ PUSH AND PULL/ James Surowiecki on how the market is shaping drug research.
FICTION/ Ian McEwan/ “The Diagnosis”
LIFE AND LETTERS/ Robert Lowell/ Dear Elizabeth/ One poet writes to another.
FICTION/ Edward P. Jones/ “Adam Robinson”
BOOKS/ by Peter Schjeldahl/ The Painting Life/ Looking again at Willem de Kooning.
A CRITIC AT LARGE/ Dave Eggers/ Sixteen Tons of Fun/ Eric Idle brings the Holy Grail to Broadway.
THE THEATRE/ John Lahr/ Troubled Waters/ August Wilson’s “Gem of the Ocean.”
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ High Rollers/ “The Aviator,” “Million Dollar Baby,” “Hotel Rwanda.”
ANNALS OF LITERATURE/ Elizabeth Bishop/ The Art of Losing/ A set of correspondence from the poet/ Issue of 1994-03-28
FICTION/ William Maxwell/ “Homecoming”/ Issue of 1938-01-01
PERSONAL HISTORY/ John Updike/ Christmas Cards, an essay/ Issue of 1997-12-22
FICTION/ James Thurber/ A Visit from Saint Nicholas (In the Ernest Hemingway Manner)/ Issue of 1927-12-24