DVD Box Set Short(er)list

What, no Amazon links? The little red critics over at the Voice have put together their list of the best DVD’s and DVD collections for 2004, and then they didn’t add shoppertainment links. Here’s my distilled list:

  • The Alan Clarke Collection (includes the original The Elephant that Gus Van Sant was talking about)
  • The Martin Scorsese Collection, which includes the criminally inclined Goodfellas and Mean Streets, and the criminally underrated After Hours. Raging Bull‘s finally coming to DVD, though you’ll have to wait until Feb. 8… Still no date for Italianamerican
  • The Ed Wood Box [no, that Ed Wood Box you get from Fleshbot Films]
  • Michael Apted’s The Up Series, It seems like just yesterday I was watching 35 Up at Film Forum. Time sure flies.
  • The Wong Kar Wai Collection . Hmm. This list may turn out to be in reverse order of preference.
  • John Cassavetes: Five Films. Yep, it is.
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