The Anti-Artforum Diary

From Steven Kaplan’s accounts of Art Basel Miami Beach, a report from the Rosa de la Cruz party:

Before discussing the highlights of the collection, I need to address some unseemly carping that emanated from other coverage of the evening. Regarding the traffic jam — countless limos, cars, buses and taxis — surrounding chez [how about casa, Steven? -g.] de la Cruz, which required certain august personages to walk a couple of blocks just to reach the house (the horror!)…Dispatch from ABMB No. 3

And concerning the Rubell Family Collection expansion:

Apparently the adjoining house, which is not quite ready for occupancy, already has its own installation of art, supervised by Alison Gingeras, who was in town. As I was not invited to the event that inaugurated the house, I cannot report further.
ABMB Dispatch Nos. 1

So what’s this about?

A tedious fifty-minute taxi ride from Miami Beach got us to the de la Cruz’s block just after midnight. Block, not house, because as we turned onto Bay Drive, we were greeted by a gridlock of limos, yellow taxis, Mercedes sedans (with drivers), and chartered buses that provoked even the relatively patient to hoof the home stretch.
Open Casa, by Alison Gingeras [artforum diary]