Conclusion: Greg Allen Is A Dramatic Genius

The shows are almost entirely presented as direct addresses, and the actors will often talk to one another between plays, using one another’s real names. Every performance of “Too Much Light” begins like a political stump speech: someone stands up, looks at the audience and says, “We’re not going to lie to you.”
Rob Neill, the managing director of the New York branch, said: “There’s not a lot of pretense in what we do. We’re not playing characters. We’re relating things we feel and stories from our lives.”
Since cast members build shows around their own break-ups, feelings of depression or idiosyncratic theories about life, the show can occasionally feel like a clever and deeply felt blog performed onstage.

“Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind,” the long-running production by the Neo-Futurists of Chicago (whose founder, Greg Allen, ‘wrote’ the original) has returned to New York City. The show plays at the Belt Theater,336 West 37th Street.
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