Puppet Masterpiece Theatre

Umm, I thought the British were supposed to be smarter than Americans. How else would they get all that work narrating documentaries? Yet the Guardian’s film critic Peter Bradshaw gives Team America World Police an ecstatic review. And his Observer colleague Philip French calls it “better sustained than [Parker and Stone’s] feature-length animated comedy, South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. Fundamentally, it’s an extended parody of Thunderbirds and centres on a group of super-patriots dedicated to–
No, fundamentally, Mr Belevedere, it’s a sloppy, thin pool of disappointing puke, with a few chunks of humor floating in it.
Maybe things look different from the other side of the pond. Maybe the movie’s obtuse, pig-headed politics look more prescient after the 2004 election than it did last summer. [ummm, indeed.] Whatever. Which country, exactly, is to blame for Benny Hill, AbFab, AND Bean? That’s what I thought.
America, &^*(W$&^ Yeah.
‘hilarious movie’ [Observer]
‘Why can’t non-puppet films be as good as this?’ [Guardian]
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