Sforza vs. Toyota on “The Youth Movement”

Don’t quite know what to make of this:

  • For a town-hall-style pitch for phasing out Social Security, G. W. Bush’s hand-selected audience included Josh Wright, a representative of “the youth movement,” who is also a Utah dairy farmer (and son of a Republican state senator.) When Wright started talking, Bush said, “Wait a minute, you don’t need to talk about private conversations. OK, you’re a dairy farmer? Good. Milking those cows.”
  • For the introduction of its new Tacoma pickup at the Detroit Auto Show, Toyota hired Mike Reid, a 20-year old pizza waiter, ” to skateboard around the truck for three of the show preview days in order to ‘associate the vehicle with youth culture.'” On the other side of the truck was a magician “dressed like an ice fisherman.”

    With Utah dairy farmer, Bush talks Social Security
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    Reporters Notebook from the 2005 Detroit Auto Show [NYT, Sunday Jan. 9 5:27 entry, fyi]