2005-01-24, This Week In The New Yorker

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Issue of 2005-01-24
Posted 2005-01-17
NOTE: This week the Magazine published all its major pieces online for, I believe, the first time.
COMMENT/ UNSOCIAL INSECURITY/ Hendrik Hertzberg on the Bush Administration’s plans for retirement.
IN THE AIR/ DO-GOODER/ Dan Baum meets a Red Cross volunteer with a bag full of cash.
DEPT. OF EDUCATION/ SAFE JOURNEY/ Ben McGrath on sending a school hall monitor off to war.
POSTCARD FROM THAILAND/ SEA GYPSIES/ Eliza Griswold on the plight of the diminutive, indigenous Moken.
THE FINANCIAL PAGE/ DON’T DO THE MATH/ James Surowiecki on weighing costs and benefits in medicine and business.
ANNALS OF NATIONAL SECURITY/ Seymour M. Hersh/ The Coming Wars/ The Pentagon has new powers.
SHOUTS & MURMURS/ Andy Borowitz/ Real-Estate Note
NEW YORK JOURNAL/ Rebecca Mead/ Funny Boys/ How to get rich off dumb jokes.
PROFILES/ Jon Lee Anderson/ A Man of the Shadows/ Iyad Allawi’s past and Iraq’s future.
LETTER FROM EUROPE/ Jane Kramer/ Blood Sport/ What’s really at issue in the foxhunt debate?
FICTION/ Thomas McGuane/ “Ice”
BOOKS/ Jim Holt/ Measure for Measure/ The strange science of Francis Galton.
BOOKS/ John Updike/ Subconscious Tunnels/ Haruki Murakami’s dreamlike new novel.
THE THEATRE/ Hilton Als/ Mad Women/ “K.I. from ‘Crime'” and “Belize.”
THE ART WORLD/ Peter Schjeldahl/ That Eighties Show/ Revisiting the East Village.
THE CURRENT CINEMA/ David Denby/ The Contender/ Ben Stiller onscreen.
LETTER FROM TEHRAN/ SHADOW LAND/ JOE KLEIN/ Who’s winning the fight for Iran’s future?/ Issue of 2002-02-18 & 25
Q&A/ All That Nature Cares About/ Author Thomas McGuane discusses his work and the world of fiction writing today with the magazine’s fiction editor, Deborah Treisman./ Issue of 2003-01-13
PROFILES/ Kenneth Tynan/ Fifteen Years of the Salto Mortale/ A profile of Johnny Carson which was not, despite what the page says, “Posted 2005-01-24″/ Issue of 1978-02-20