Section 8: We Make Movies, Not Money

There’s a long profile in the NYT of Section Eight, Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney’s Warner Bros-based production company, whose deal is set to run out in a couple of years. I’m not quite sure what the takeaway is:

  • George and Stephen were so focused on creating an environment where filmmakers could work free of studio meddling, that Soderbergh buddy and first-time director Ted Griffin got sacked during the first week of shooting from Untitled Ted Griffin Project and was replaced by Warner chief’s old pal, Rob “Meathead” Reiner. Fittingly, the project’s now called Rumor Has It.
  • Section 8 works well as a farm team. Seriously, do you think Chris Nolan could’ve gotten the Batman gig without making Insomnia. I mean, tell me what he had EVER done before that?
  • Even in a discussion of disappointing performance, literally, no one wants to talk about K Street.
  • The duo set out to make movies, not money, and they’ve succeeded spectacularly.
    Trying to Combine Art and Box Office in Hollywood [NYT]
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