There Oughta Be A Reality Series

“{Dimension Films exec Andrew] Rona is only too delighted to play the heavy and play it to the Mephistophelean hilt. In fact, when the studio doesn’t get its way in the selection of a director, he signals that he will make that director’s life a living hell.”
Sounds like a nice plot for a reality series.
Since Project Greenlight started burning $1 million/film on the corner-cutting ghetto end of the Hollywood production system, fifty, a hundred, actually good films were made for even less money. One of these days, Greenlight should show someone spending the money smartly. Even though it’d mean less air time for Chris Moore.
Making It, and Taking It on the Chin from a Studio Bigwig [nyt]
Project Greelight site []
[update: the timing and content of this post and the appearance of an ad for Reality Green Light’s contest to find a winning reality series idea is pure coincidence. Obviously, if I’d known about the contest this morning, I wouldn’ta gone and blabbed my kick-ass idea, yo. Damn.]