From The Armory Show Lost & Found Dept.


From my friends Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset comes a show, er, a work that could be titled, Untitled (Hah, made you look!). Right before they left town–and after the opening of their installation at the Bohen Foundation–the artists installed a piece at The Wrong Gallery, Maurizio Cattelan, Mass Gioni, and Ali Subotnick’s foot-deep-gallery-in-a-doorway, next to Andrew Kreps.
They dressed a Mini with all the paraphrenalia of a long trip abandoned–maps, lotion, crumbs and change on the floor–and a sleeping baby in the backseat. The car’s been collecting parking tickets all week; I guess the show will end whenever DOT decides to tow it.
Or else… It just occurred to me that there’s a women’s prison on the corner. Maybe the baby mama is in there doing some firm–if not hard–time.

Elmgreen & Dragset at the Bohen Foundation

[update: Someone apparently called 911 on the baby in the car, because NYPD come to investigate this afternoon.]