Squint And It Looks Like The Hudson

Just because it was wrested from his control and altered beyond all recognition by the real powers-that-be in the redevelopment of the WTC site doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea.
Daniel Libeskind has repurposed his ascending-spiral-in-the-skyline and atriums-in-the-sky motifs from his never-to-be-realized WTC master plan and adapted it for a 21-story condo development overlooking the Ohio River in Cincinnati.
In addition to my overuse of hyphenated phrases, this reminds me of the Empire State Building’s own mini-me, aka the RJ Reynolds headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC. Of course, that one was built first. [And by the same architects, btw, Shreve, Lamb & Harmon.]
Riverside tower could make splash [enquirer.com, via archinect]
[update: an eagle-eyed reader points out that Cincinnati has it’s own ESB mini-me, the SL&H-designed Carey Tower. Word on the architectural history street is SL&H repurposed its Carey Tower drawings for the ESB. Cincinnati is a great world capital, just shrunk down to 1/3-scale.
After all, there’s that 300-foot Eiffel Tower at King’s Island, too. Which, frankly, has always been enough for me; I’ve never felt the need to visit the real Eiffel Tower because I went to King’s Island as a kid. When I was roughly 1/3 my present height.]