Gee, It Worked So Well With The Orchid Thief

Will Ferrell’s last line in the trailer for Bewitched is, “How did this happen??!”
I was wondering the same thing when I found out the movie’s not a remake of the TV series, it’s about making a remake of the TV series.
Halfway through the trailer, you think you’re watching When Harry Met Sam, and you are; Nora Ephron wrote the script. Actually, I think Meryl Streep is to blame somehow; she’s played both Ephron (in Heartburn) AND Susan Orlean.
My nose is itching on this one, even with Steve Carell as Uncle Arthur.
Watch the Bewitched trailer if you dare, or just puzzle over the imdb entry.
[update: Thanks Travis, who pulled out the direct URL for the trailer, since Moviefone screws with Firefox.]