Tomorrow Night at MoMA: An Evening With Marc Forster

Some of you have already gotten this in email, but tomorrow night (Tuesday, 4/12) is the fourth annual installment of A Work In Progress, where MoMA’s Film & Media department celebrates a distinct directorial voice in cinema.
This year’s honoree is Marc Forster who will be talking with legendary post-structuralist film scholar Will Ferrell about his work (Finding Neverland, Everything Comes Together, that scene in Monster’s Ball). There will be many celebrity guests [not counting me; I’ll be working it so hard, you couldn’t call me a guest], which I’m pretty sure means Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger doing their infamous mashup skit, Finding Balls. No idea what that means.
Here’s a pdf [300k] of the invite, or you can call MoMA’s Special Events office: Tel. (212) 708-9680, fax (212) 708-9429,

  • The Sniff Forster’s Cologne section: $375 [very limited number left sold out]
  • The Catch A Glint Off His Dome section: $200 [ditto sold out]
  • The Share A V.I. Bowl Of Dip With Sean Combs afterparty: $150 [pack’em in, baby]
  • Hear a party-only guy utter the phrase “typically Swiss mise-en-scene” to try and convince the ladies that he was at the discussion: priceless