Socks, Fries & Videotape

The Guardian reports that Steven Soderbergh’s new series of HD films will be released by Mark Cuban’s and Todd Wagner’s 2929 Entertainment simultaneously in the company’s theaters, on their HD TV channel, and on DVD. Given the reach of the channel and the market for an unknown DVD, my guess is the initial buzz and revenue will still come from theatrical, but those ratios will change over time, both as the release and the series plays out and as more titles have multi-channel releases.
A couple of weeks ago, I’d read somewhere (?) that Soderbergh was casting the film’s non-actors by cruising malls and fast food restaurants in Ohio, looking for people with the right look. Of course, Gus Van Sant did this for Elephant, too, but he only went to A&F.
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[5/5 update: Guess she doesn’t read the blogs, but now that it’s been in THR, Xeni namechecks the story, adding some transcript from her Cuban interview.]