At Least The Bathtub’s Not Leaking

While Kevin Rampe jumps from the LMDC, Larry Silverstein may be getting the push. NY1 hears creaking and shouts of eminent domain from Pataki’s office, as if he wasn’t the visionless machinator behind the whole fiasco. Now opportunists like Sheldon Silver and Chuck Schumer, and the previously stiff-armed Mike Bloomberg smell political smoke wafting from the pile that is the WTC site redevelopment process.
Once everything’s cleared away, Liebeskind’s Bathtub Wall may be the only thing left, by default. Except that, as Miss Representation points out, confusion and indecision and compartmentalized “fixes” only further the interests of the Port Authority, whose unaccountable activities–if not their plan–are already in slow, bureaucratic motion.
The leadership and vision void MR sees at the center deserves scrutiny and attention, and some day it’ll get rigorous analysis, too. But in the mean time, I’ve got an all-too-familiar fear, a dread of another collapse that could have, should have, might have been avoided.
Now that the Times said it, it must be true [, via curbed]
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