Who Makes Movies? Well, Fluffers, For One.

Personally, every time I see those “Who Makes Movies?” spots where some lowly crew member is trotted out to say how Internet pirates are taking food out of his dyslexic kid’s mouth, I want to say, “Actually, it’s Canadians who are taking your job, pal, thanks to the studios moving over $10 billion worth of production-related economic activity out of the US in pursuit of lower wages, more pliable unions, and government-funded tax incentives. Oh, and they’re the same studios who are funding these MPAA commercials and claiming that “potential worldwide losses” from “piracy” “could” exceed $3 billion a year.
Needless to say, the folks behind these three spoof spots have a funnier time of it.
Check out “Zombies make movies,” “Script doctors make movies,” and “Fluffers make movies” at R4NT Magazine. [R4NT.com, via boingboing]
Yeah, but who makes points on gross? [lowculture.com, 11/03, yes, this whole MPAA thing is getting old.]
Film & Television Action Committee [ftacusa.com]